24 hour alarm remote monitoring

The Central Alarm Monitoring Station is designed to provide complete management and remote monitoring of alarms. It is able to receive and process information from alarm panels from different brands and models (with different communication protocols).

A standard monitoring post consists of an operator console, alarm signal receptor connected to telephone lines, microcomputer, monitor, printer, no-break and complete operating software with historical record of events, operators management, accounts management, reports issue and maintenance of customer register. The central monitoring station can process only a limited number of customers.

When an alarm signal from the alarm panels installed is received by the digital receptor, a screen with several windows is opened where all details concerning the cause of the alarm, the customer’s name, the account number and address are viewed. Also, customized data is requested (passwords, particularities). Another window indicates the priority actions to be taken by the operator such as informing the names of the contact persons and their telephone numbers. The telephone call is made and the operator is required to inform what was said during the telephone conversation. All alarm processing activities with date, time and operator information are recorded in the respective account file to be used in further detailed reports.

Corrective Maintenance
To ensure perfect operation and efficiency of the equipment, repair is provided in case of problems. Inspection of the alarm system, the electric fence and the closed circuit television (CFTV) is performed by an expert. Also, if any item needs to be replaced for whatever reason, the customer shall be advised and his/her consent obtained.

Mobile Assistance Unit
Consists of trained mobile surveillance teams that perform day and night patrols to constantly check the buildings.
The vehicle fleet for ready assistance in Brazil is mostly made up of Siemens Mobile Assistance Units, which deliver two important services: Technical Inspection and Check Visit.

Technical Inspection
Whenever the Siemens Monitoring Center is informed of alarm activation but is not able to establish contact, mobile assistance units are dispatched for checking the spot. The Technical Inspection service shall also be activated whenever the customer or authorized person does not inform the correct password.

Checking visit
Trained mobile surveillance teams that perform day and night patrols and undertake an average of about 1 (one) or 2 (two) non-scheduled daily and random checking visits.
*The number of visits varies according to the type of service agreed in the contract for services rendering under the private regime. The UVAs (Mobile Assistance Units) electronically record every time someone passes through the spot, by bringing an electronic baton close to a button installed in the monitored building.

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